So….Who is Alien Bill?..

Well, I’m a Down to Earth guy with Out Of This World experiences.

You’ll find out a lot more of me in my up coming Book and Film content but that really does some me up in a nutshell.

I’m fortunate to be able to capture a number of my experiences on camera. Without getting into to much detail right now, you will see within my gallery pages and items on sale in my shop that I somehow have an ability to connect with Phenomena, whether it be considered as light, elemental, spiritual, extra terrestrial or otherwise, I can connect and in some cases capture the moment on camera.

I have had this ability for many years and after a long time have now made links and collaborations to enable me to now be able to share some of these experiences with you.

As my website builds you will be able to look at images and media that show you these wonderful unique experiences and if you would like to own a copy for yourself, visit my shop where you will find a selection for sale, each printed on different media for you to enjoy the way you would like.

Keep visiting back to see the library grow and find up to date info on my upcoming Book and Film content.

Cosmic thanks for your visit and coming to see the journey unfold…enjoy!