Hello and welcome to my first ever website. It is in its early stages at present but will gradually be built up with new content on-going.

I will be adding some “extraordinary and other worldly” content for you to browse through along with news relating to both myself and associates involved in many “high strangeness” events around our planet…earth.

Also soon to be launched is my Online Shop where you will be able to purchase some very unique items that have been created out of Photographs and Videos from my experiences with some truly fascinating encounters.

These Photographs and Videos display images from other realms and are also presented in detail within my first book that is currently in development.

These are in many cases one of a kind, each most certainly a unique display and manifestation that I have been able to capture, and many items placed on sale here will be limited additions from the original, each signed, numbered and dated.

Also coming soon, an amazing Alien Rock band called CE IV from Scotland and my good friend Brian Mc’mullan are providing a newly composed piece of music to accompany this website.

Keep an eye on this developing Sci-fi and Paranormal site which along with my personal experiences will also have many additions from other folk around the world.

I look forward to the exciting times ahead on this project.

Cosmic best wishes to you all.